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Simple Life Amish Tours

Private or Group Guided Tours through the Amish Countryside of Pittsburgh in North Western Pennsylvania

Are you interested in discovering a world where peace and tranquility till exist? Book your Simple Life Amish Tour and you will be transported to the Amish Countryside.  NOW MORE THAN EVER IS A GOOD TIME TO VISIT A WORLD THAT HAS DIFFERENT VALUES, A MORE SIMPLER LIFE,  AND IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!  724-923-9730 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR WOULD LIKE TO TALK TO A SIMPLE LIFE REPRESENTATIVE.

Simple Life Amish Tour Company

We welcome you to join us on our Amish Adventure into the Simple Life of the Old World Order Amish Community.


Each tour begins in the heart of Amish Country of New Wilmington, Pa located just 60 miles North of Pittsburgh, 15 minutes from the Grove City Outlets and Just five minutes from the town of Volant, Pa. We meet at an Amish Store called Byler’s Quilts and Crafts located at 435 Quilt Shop Lane, Volant, Pa 16156 There you will meet Susan, your personal tour guide. Step into Susan’s vehicle and let her lead you through  a backroads tour of our Amish villages. You will be transported into another world as we explore the Amish Countryside.  This is a private, non commercialized scenic back roads tour that takes you off the beaten path.  Susan  will teach you about the Amish lifestyle as we drive past horse and buggies, homes,  dairy farms and even an Amish schoolhouse.  You never know what you will see along these backroads! Visit Amish farms, greenhouses, an Amish bakery, grocery store. Watch Amish men build furniture and plow their fields with horse and plow! 

You will be amazed at the knowledge, friendliness and warmth of this tour and tour guides. You will be able to meet and speak with our Amish friends and discover the beauty of the Amish culture and lifestyle. 

Tours are approximately 2 hours long. Each tour is a non-commercialized private tour made by appointment. You can book online or call us.

This tour is perfect for individuals, families, couples and even groups.

For Larger Groups:  Try the TASTE AND TOUR AMISH COUNTRY TOUR. Let Susan come as a step on tour guide, or lead your group on a two hour tour that includes and Amish meal at a local restaurant.

Are you ready for your Simple Life Tour? Please call us  @ 724-923-9730 or book now online.

Photo by: Jim Fisher

Shop at Amish Marketplaces

There will be as many stops as we can fit in, on our Simple Life tour. First stop may be an Amish produce and bakery stand. Meet Andy  and his family and tempt your taste buds with their delicious wares! The next stop is an Amish Grocery store, where you will meet the Byler Family. Located in the basement of the Byler’s home, this grocery store is lit with a gas lamp. Purchase old fashioned sodas kept cold in an  the Byler’s “Ice box” and wait until you see the antique adding machine! You will be able to purchase local honey, fresh tapped Maple Syrup, Homemade noodles, cheeses a variety of Amish jams and jellies and homemade candy.  Our third stop is Cornerstone Furniture where you will get to see  how and Amish furniture shop works with no electricity! Watch the Amish men build furniture and meet Rudy, who will show you his hand built tables and chairs.  Our fourth stop is an Amish Quilt shop. Meet Sam and Lizzie Byler who own New Wilmington’s only Amish Quilt Shop filled with beautiful Amish handmade quilts, rocking chairs, and many other Amish made items from our local Old World Order Amish community. image92907

Our Location

  • We are Located in New Wilmington, and Volant,  Pennsylvania
  • 60 Miles North of Pittsburgh
  • 70 miles South of Erie
  • 15 Miles from the Grove City Outlets
  • Right in the center of Volant and New Wilmington, Pa

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Photo Credit: Jim Fisher