Tour Amish Country

scenic-drive-amish-buggy Hello Friends! susan-hougelmanI am glad that you are interested in visiting us here in Western Pa’s Amish Country! For over 20 years we have taken friends and neighbors on tours to visit our Old World Order Amish friends, and now we want to take YOU! Let us show you beautiful Lawrence County the way you should see it. Our tours, complete with your own knowledgeable guide, are authentic, private, not commercial, and respectful to our Amish friends. Our tours present the Amish culture in a unique and unforgettable way. All of our stops along the way are exclusive to A Simple Life Tours. One of these stops include an Amish farm, where you can pick out pumpkins or gourds in the fall, or beautiful spring or summer flowers and vegetable plants. You can watch the Amish work and play as you view their beautiful homes and farms and see and learn how these great people still live without electricity and plow their fields with horses. We invite you to step back with us in time and experience susan-hougelman-sig


Our tours are ideal for adults and children, families, couples, photographers, sight seers, furniture shoppers and groups looking to enjoy a day out in Amish country. Get your own personalized tour guide. Receptive services for group tours are also available. To book a tour or learn more, please inquire at The Tavern on the Square or call 724-923-9730. Tour destinations may include:
  • Amish Harness and Tack Shop
  • Amish Grocery store
  • Amish Bakery Stand
  • Amish Quilt Shop
  • Amish Produce Stand
  • Amish Farm
  • Amish Fabric Store
  • Amish Furniture maker and his wood shop
  • Amish Hickory Rocker maker
  • In addition, we will show you a local Amish School, a covered Bridge and several Amish homes and buggies
  • A meal at The Tavern on the Square Restaurant which serves Authentic Amish style Country fare
  • Freshly made Amish Donuts and baked goods
Note: Our Amish friends are very kind and welcome guests into their businesses and shops. Please respect their ways and customs. They do not like pictures taken of them. Thank-you.

Who would like to take a tour?

Our tours are ideal for adults and children. Families, couples, photographers, sight seers, furniture shoppers and groups looking to enjoy a day out will enjoy having a personalized tour guide. We also lead group tours. Receptive services for group tours are also available. Stop by The Tavern on the Square or call us to book your tour or for more information. 724-923-9730. Please ask to speak to A Simple Life representative.

Tour Schedule and Rates

Monday-Saturday: Starting at 8:00 and ending at 7:00 pm Reservations are required Contact Susan at 724-923-9730 to book your tour or to gather more information.
  • Cost is $100.00 for a two hour tour for up to four guests
  • Each additional guest is $25.00 per person.
  • Please call for pricing for larger groups. Bus Tours available!
  • Call for a Taste & Tour Amish Country Package
We also guide group and bus tours. Please call 724-923-9730.
Meet Susan, one of your tour guides. “Hello friends! I am so glad that you are planning a trip to visit us here in New Wilmington, Pa. I grew up in New Wilmington, and have lived amongst the Amish, since I was a child. I have shopped, visited, and made friends with several Amish families in our community and want to share my stories of Amish Life with YOU. I can’t wait to tell you all about the Amish’s unique culture and help you gain insights into the how and why the Amish live life the way they do. Let’s go off the beaten path and explore this beautiful land and simple way of life, together!” Susan Hougelman