Simple Life Amish Tours offers private tours of the Old Order Amish that includes farms and businesses in Western Pennsylvania.

Our tours are ideal for adults, children, families, couples, photographers, sight seers, furniture shoppers, and groups looking to enjoy a day out.

Experience a simpler pace of life!

Tour destinations include:
  • Amish Quilt Shoppe
  • Amish Farm
  • Amish Grocery Store
  • Amish Greenhouse
  • Amish Fabric Store
  • Amish Horse and Tack Shop
  • Amish Furniture Store
  • Amish School House
  • Covered Bridge
  • The Tavern on the Square Restaurant (featuring Amish Style Country Cooking)

About the Tour Organizer

susan-hougelmanSusan Hougelman, Owner and CEO of Western Pennsylvania Hospitality Company and The Tavern on the Square Restaurant grew up in New Wilmington and has lived and done business with the Amish for more than twenty years. Susan says the idea for creating an Amish Tour Company came from the thousands of guests who would come through the doors of her businesses and ask, “Where can we go see the Amish?” Susan would just tell them to drive around because there was no specific place to send them. Eventually, she decided there must be a better solution. Susan asked each Amish business owner for their permission to bring people to visit their businesses. They all answered affirmatively.  As a result, Simple Life Tours launched in 2013. Practically speaking, the Amish businesses are hard to find because they don’t market or hang signage to advertise. Also, many people feel uncomfortable going into an Amish business on their own. “That’s why my tour guides are wonderful. They bridge the gap between the public and the Amish community.”  Tour guests go home with everything from Homemade Apple butter, Cookies, Flowers and Pumpkins to Quilts and even Amish made furniture. Beyond the hand crafted items they may pick up, visitors inevitably leave with a glimpse of the Simple Life that is a hallmark of Amish culture.” Susan works with the Lawrence Country Tourist Promotion Agency, Mercer County Tourism, and Pittsburgh Tourism to provide one of a kind, authentic Amish experiences.